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We offer a full range of denture services to fit your needs and ensure you walk away comfortable, confident and smiling.
Full Dentures

A full denture is the replacement of all the teeth on the upper and/or lower ridge. A full upper denture uses suction to stay in place, and in most cases no denture adhesives are necessary. A full lower denture will not require suction to stay in place and may require adhesives or implants instead.

You may need a new full denture if experience any of the following signs:

  • Discomfort with current dentures due to a poor fit

  • Impaired speech

  • Teeth have become flat or worn

  • Pronounced lower jaw and/or chin

  • Creases at the corner of your mouth

  • Inability to chew food properly (often resulting in indigestion, gas, bloating or loss of appetite).

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures improve esthetics, restore function and maintain tooth position when one or more of your teeth are missing – but not all.

Benefits of partial dentures:

  • Prolonged life of remaining teeth

  • Prevention of remaining teeth being twisted, tilted or drifting into the open space


An implant snaps into either a partial or full denture. 

Benefits of implants:

  • improves the denture’s fit and function

  • provides added support and stability

  • improve esthetics when clasps on partial dentures are undesirable

  • reduces gag reflex that can be caused by the suction fit on full upper dentures

  • decreases pressure on gums while increasing biting force on full lower dentures


Most repairs can be done in the same day.

Flexible Partials

Flexible partials are made of a special flexible material to resist breaking under pressure. They’re recommended for patients who have allergies to or disfavor acrylic or metal.

Denture Relines

A denture reline is recommended to improve the fit and comfort of loose dentures.

Soft Liners

Soft liners are a soft material added to a denture to increase comfort on gums. Most often they are used in full lower dentures to reduce pressure. They are recommended for patients with sensitive or very flat lower gums.


Whitening lightens the colour of your natural teeth for improved aesthetics as drinking coffee, tea, wine or smoking can cause your teeth to appear yellow.

Immediate/Transitional Dentures

An immediate or transitional denture is placed after natural teeth have been pulled. They help to reduce swelling on the mouth as well as promote healing of the gums. They are worn while the extraction site heals. Once the healing process is complete, an immediate denture must be relined and a transitional denture needs to be replaced with a new denture.

Unsure of Your Needs?

Contact us to book your free consultation to find out. At your consultation we will assess all of your denture needs and discuss your options with you.

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